Monday, March 11, 2013

Succubus Dancer

Chaospire's creations are so unique and detailed that I frequent want to create avatars and different looks with them. The horns are a tri-horn set in black and white. Today "Beledinoir" has inspired this dark succubus dancer look:

Face and Body:
.::Kre-ations::. Baby Horn {3} Coal and silver ( Luck of The Irish event )
IKON Eternal Eyes - Mesa (S)
Pink Acid Silk Lipstick - Red
Lara Hurley - Joelle
-N- "Imaginary" - Black Pearl
Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape

~Digital Knickers~ SIren's Delight Bellychain - Sailor's Heart
~Digital Knickers~ Siren's Delight Bracelet - SailorsHeart

Chaospire's "Beledinoir"
R.icielli - IANCA Mesh Boots / Black

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