Saturday, April 27, 2013

Look of the Day - Kawaii Creeper Ganguro

I'm sure you're all as sad as I am that the Kawaii Fair is over now, thankfully I purchased a few goodies before it was too late to share. Green was my theme again, mainly because this Creeper dress from Pretty Liar was irresistible to me. ( Minecraft references are always appreciated, it is a delightfully fun and open game too. ) Green and rainbows are definitely a cute combo, so the green kitty boobtube from Epic fit nicely with The Sugar Garden pretty rainbow lip tinte. The adorable starry tights from Hollipocket and Pretty Liar's colorful wedge shoes completed this kawaii look:

Face & Body
Eyes: "tSg" Vibrant - Radioactive
Hair: >TRUTH< Teddy w/Roots - apple
Makeup: .tsg. Lip Tinte' - Pretty Rainbow
Skin: .tsg. Ganguro :: C tone ::

Head: -UtopiaH- Spiky Headband [rainbow]
Arms: **Simple Jewel Bracelet Silver&AllColor**sakura koubou 
Chest: *Epic* Kawaii Neo Neko Boob Tube! {Green}
Back: [PL] Sparkle Wings - Yellow

Dress: [PL] Creeper Dress M
Undershirt:[PL] Lingerie Bra - Pink & Black Leopard Print 2
Tights: *HolliPocket* Teeny Tighty-Starry-Lemon
Shoes: [PL] Wedge Sneaker L - Acid Zebra

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Look of the Day - Fantasy Cave Satyress

Hello and welcome to my little corner of fantasy land~ Fantasy Faire 2013 is in full effect and lovelier than ever. There are so many shops with a massive variety of wares spread throughout several gorgeous sims. It is worth braving the crowds for a chance at walking through, the sims are wonderful to look at. I was inspired by the various pinks and blues combos in this bright armor from Plastik, the rest of the items fell into place. I was excited to find this unique pair of Sylven ears too, variety of colors for a good price. This pretty little cave dwelling satyress came to life, to lure the lost travelers and adventurers. ~Enjoy~

Face & Body
Hair: .ploom.'s Lislie in Candy
Skin: Pink Fuel's Alena [Vanilla] Fresh
Eyes: IKON's Lucid Eyes in Optimism
Ears: [europa] Sylven ears beige (ethereal)
Shape: Voodoo Dancer's personalized fantasy Satyress shape
Pose: .ploom.

Horns: lassitude & ennui's Capricornus mesh horns in dark / rainbow

Outfit: Plastik's The Vandariel Armor

Monday, April 15, 2013

Look of The Day - Pink April

This month has been a little busy for me, but I managed to put together a cute pink and purple ombre look for April. The Wendy boots are a throwback western in style, but come in a feminine selection of colors that happened to match perfectly with this pink and purple ombre dress. I hope you enjoy. The details follow:

Face and Body

Hair: .ploom.'s Julie in Candy
Lipstick: Pink Acid's Juniper Lipgloss in Barbie Pink
Skin: Pink Fuel's Alena [Vanilla] in Fresh
Eyes: IKON's Lucid Eyes in Optimism
Ears: Paws's Big ears
Shape: Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape
Pose: !bang


Bracelet: erratic's Owl Bracelet
Nose ring: [ni.Ju]'s 030913 single nose ring/vibrant
Necklace: The Abyss' Choker Combo


Dress: Razor's Senorita Night Dress
Pasties: *HD*'s Black Hearts
Shoes: Pink Acid's Mesh Wendy Boots

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Celebration!

The theme of the day is green of course, or you'll be playfully pinched! ^_~ Clawtooth created this special hair color for this round of COLLABOR88, the soft curls were a must with the gorgeously smooth Astrali skin. Today is the last day to get the Sprout ears and I was lucky enough to get the lime colored pair for St Patrick's Day, they are as adorable as can be with that little pink flower sprout on top that they all have. The super sexy purple heels from Epic match perfectly with the purple baubles on the lime green Saint Patricks day floral lingerie set. The details follow:

Face and Body
Hair: Clawtooth: Victim of Love - RomanticGreenBlonde
Skin: :[P]:- Astrali Skin[Cover-up]:// Plute-Stain
Eyes: Dead Apples Anime Eyes - Sprout
Ears: {Sprout Gacha ears} Limey Lime .::Kre-ations::.
Shape: Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape
Pose: aDORKable

Wings: [PL] Sparkle Wings - RainBow RARE

Top: ~WC~ Fae Saint Patricks Bra ( ~WC~ Fae Saint Patricks Day Set )
Gloves: ~WC~ Fae Saint Patricks Gloves
Bottom: ~WC~ Fae Saint Patricks Panties
Socks: ~WC~ Fae Saint Patricks Socks
Shoes: *Epic* Mesh Platform Pump {Suede - Purple}

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Look of the Day: Peach Fauness

Now for a completely opposite look from my previous darker looks, I'm wearing a feminine fantasy outfit. With Easter coming, there will be plenty of pastels and bunnies invading our world. ( It's a good thing I love pastels and bunnies! ) This adorable skirt by The Sea Hole is a muted pink that has a darker bunny design decorating the left side, the skirt itself is entirely mesh in only one size. The top portion of the skirt is actually a shirt or jacket layer, it's a high-waist skirt. Reminds me of a cute poodle skirt, but it does have a modern touch to it. The black rose hair band is included as an accessory item with the Truth Video Games hair. The default lipstick for this skin is a dark red and didn't fit the look I was going for here, so I put on some of my go-to makeup from Pink Acid to soften the color. The skin tone is also a bit muted and blends nicely with the overall pastel color palette. Here's the breakdown for this look:

Face and Body:
Dead Apples Anime Eyes - Aquamarine and Lilly
Pink Fuel - Von D Skin
Pink Acid's BDJ Lips - Pink Doll
Truth Video Games - Blonde
Pink Acid Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss
Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape

Half-Deer Eternum Antlers - White Pink Studded
Multistrand Teardrop Necklace by Ariel Roentgen

The Sea Hole Lorette Skirt - Chibi Bunny
~WC~ Fae Goddess Top
~WC~ Fae Goddess Bottom
~WC~ Fae Goddess Gloves
~WC~ Fae Goddess Socks
Armidi Gisaci - Dalia Pump - Silver

Monday, March 11, 2013

Succubus Dancer

Chaospire's creations are so unique and detailed that I frequent want to create avatars and different looks with them. The horns are a tri-horn set in black and white. Today "Beledinoir" has inspired this dark succubus dancer look:

Face and Body:
.::Kre-ations::. Baby Horn {3} Coal and silver ( Luck of The Irish event )
IKON Eternal Eyes - Mesa (S)
Pink Acid Silk Lipstick - Red
Lara Hurley - Joelle
-N- "Imaginary" - Black Pearl
Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape

~Digital Knickers~ SIren's Delight Bellychain - Sailor's Heart
~Digital Knickers~ Siren's Delight Bracelet - SailorsHeart

Chaospire's "Beledinoir"
R.icielli - IANCA Mesh Boots / Black

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Look of the Day: Rainbow Leopardess

It's time for a super colorful, fierce, and fun weekend! The jewelry is scripted and color changeable, making it a versatile accessory set that I frequently go to. So many new goodies to share this month already, with the fun gacha events hitting it off right. I was lucky enough to win this rainbow pair of sparkle wings while playing the Luck of the Irish gacha for the [PL] Sparkle Wings, they are (rare) so soft and adorable. Like candy! The undersuit ( Silent Leopard in Pink ) is sheer here, but it does come in multiple layers that I did not feature here. You can layer it to make it less see through, but the gloves will always remain a little sheer. ( Minor drawback, it could be remedied if you create a duplicate copy and use an Add feature. ) The rainbow eyeshadow featured here is part of the skin, while the lipstick is a separate tattoo layer. Here's how I achieved this ultra sexy latex look:

Face and Body:
Dead Apples Anime Eyes - Aquamarine and Lilly
cStar Limited - Candy Pop in Pale
Pink Acid's Ombre Lips - Purple
:Exile:: Beyond the Waves: Fairytale
Voodoo Dancer's personalized shape

Random Calliope's Headpiece - Passie Vuur - Unltd
Tekeli-li's Spindleflower - Collar
Tekeli-li's Spindleflower Bracelet - Left
Tekeli-li's Spindleflower Bracelet - Right
[PL] Sparkle Wings - RainBow RARE
[PF] Bandaged Kitty/Purple Eye (leg cling)

[Red Devil Inc] Silent Leopard in Pink
[Red Devil Inc] Grimmelda in Rainbow
*HD* Hearts - pink
:{MV}: Deco Corset in Leopard
:{MV}: Deco Boots in Leopard